Why you still need your new home to be inspected

Home inspector

Home inspections are standard procedure when you’re buying a resale property. But what if you’re buying a brand-new home? Home buyers going through the new construction home buying process in Warner Robins, GA are often surprised to find out that they should still have their homes undergo home inspections.

Many people assume that newly built homes are unlikely to have issues or defects. On the contrary, inspections for new construction homes are just as important as they are for older homes. Here are a couple of reasons why.

New homes are not perfect

New homes in Warner Robins and everywhere else are most likely built to meet the latest codes and standards. That doesn’t mean, however, that they are perfect. Since no one has lived in the house yet, there is no one to tell you about what living in it is like.

If you choose to forego a home inspection, you might not know anything is wrong until you move in and live there for a while. For instance, you might discover that the roof or pipes leak, or that the floors are uneven. Your home might come with a warranty to cover such repairs, but it can take some time to be addressed.

It is also wholly possible that several subcontractors were hired to work on the various components of the house. In such a busy workplace, it’s not uncommon for things to be overlooked, even by the most detail-oriented builder. A real estate agent for new construction can help to connect you with a reputable home inspector to make sure any issues missed by the builders are addressed.

The structure might not meet the latest building codes

Builders and real estate developers are obliged to build and design new homes according to local codes and regulations. And to make sure they do, code inspectors come in to check and make sure that newly constructed homes these standards. Unfortunately, county inspectors usually just check if these buildings meet the bare minimum.

County inspectors are also not home inspectors. They know what to look for in terms of building codes, but they won’t be able to tell specific details like a home inspector can. It’s also possible for county code inspectors to overlook things. Having a proper home inspection allows a second and fresh pair of eyes to look over the different parts of the home.

Fixing defects early prevents big problems in the future

Even the smallest defects can lead to serious problems later on. Slightly raised shingles can let water in, which can result in leaks, rotting wood, and the need to replace the roof. Some issues can be dangerous to your family. For instance, a gas leak could have deadly consequences. Forgetting to put insulation in the attic can result in higher energy bills.

Once the purchase of your house is complete, any issues that pop up become your responsibility, unless your new home has a builder’s warranty. You are responsible for getting them fixed, even if the issues were present before the sale.

Ideally, should have the home inspection done in three phases, especially if you’re buying new construction.

  • Foundation inspection occurs before the actual construction starts to make sure the site is just as it should be: well-excavated and properly graded. If the inspector finds any issues, the builder will have enough time to make the necessary adjustments.
  • Pre-drywall inspection happens once the entire frame has been built. The inspector will come in to make sure structural features, such as the beams and posts, as well as wiring and plumbing, were all properly installed. Once the inspector gives the go signal, it’s time to put up the walls and sheetrock.
  • The final walkthrough, as the name implies, is done after the construction. This will ensure the house is safe, properly built, and meets local building codes and standards.

Catching issues, no matter how insignificant they might seem, can help prevent major issues later on. This will save you from stress and spending a substantial amount of money. Instead of worrying about repairs, you can focus on what to buy for a new house.

Skipping home inspection can impact your house’s resale potential

If you decide down the line that you want to sell your home, the next buyer will most likely have a home inspection done. During this inspection, issues that were present before you purchased the house will be found, even if you never knew they existed. This can decrease the market value of your home and have you shoulder unexpected, additional costs for the repairs.

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