Why you need a Realtor when buying a new construction home

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Many homebuyers are attracted to the idea of purchasing a new construction home because they think of the endless possibilities to customize it to make it truly their own. The fact that the house itself is brand new implies trouble-free living for years to come.

However, the new construction home buying process comes with its own set of pitfalls if the buyer fails to be as discerning as when they’re looking to buy a pre-owned home.

If you’re keen on buying a new construction home, the builder or their agent can be helpful at first. They’ll walk you through the specs of the structure, show available models, and offer customization options if the house is still being built.

While everything appears to be on the up and up, it’s best to keep the phrase, “buyer beware” top of mind. It’s a watchword with legal ramifications – a principle of contract law that places the burden on the buyer to practice due diligence before making a purchase.

For that reason you will need a real estate agent when shopping for a new construction home.

Here are more ways a Realtor can help you:

A Realtor knows the best time to buy

Builders need to meet sales goals and answer to their shareholders. A Realtor will tell you the best time to buy a new construction home, typically toward the end of the quarter. As the quarter draws to a close, builders might be more open to negotiation and discounts just to meet their sales quotas. Your Realtor will help you land the right home at the right time and price.

A Realtor will connect you with the best homebuilders

Your Realtor knows local real estate like the back of their hand, which means they can help find you a trusted builder. They are knowledgeable about a builder’s workmanship, track record, and other essential factors.

A Realtor will help you stay within your budget

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you buy new homes in Warner Robins, GA, because of the selections on offer. You may want every customization the builder shows you or choose a pricier build on a cul-de-sac with little thought to your budget. Having a Realtor can help you stick to your budget. If you’re confused about which upgrades are worth the uptick in list price, an experienced Realtor can help you with your choices. While the asking price of a new construction home is fixed, your agent can negotiate a few perks and upgrades.

A Realtor will recommend financing options

Your builder will have a preferred lender that they will convince you to choose. However, a Realtor will make sure that you shop around first and get the mortgage that works best for you.

A Realtor will decode the jargon

A Realtor will help you understand the legal jargon and the fine print that comes with a builder contract. These purchase contracts are builder-friendly, but your agent will thoroughly peruse documents to make sure all is as they should be. Should there be potential issues in the contract, your Realtor will alert you and discuss solutions with you.

A Realtor will represent your best interests

A builder’s real estate agent can walk you through the details of a new construction home, but note that they represent the builder. When you have your own Realtor, you are hiring an expert motivated by what’s best for you, the buyer. They are invested in your satisfaction with the home.

A Realtor will not cost you additional fees

Yes, you read it right – hiring a new construction Realtor won’t cost you. No need to dip into your budget because the builder will pay your agent’s commission. This is a perk enjoyed by buyer’s agents because builders rely on them for clients. The Realtor’s commission has been included in the builder’s marketing budget.

A Realtor will help you set up a home inspection

You might decide not to have the home inspected because it is new, after all. But don’t skip this step. Some of the most common issues of new construction homes involve:

  • Structural defects like cracks and an uneven base or grading
  • Drainage
  • Improperly sealed windows
  • HVAC
  • Electricals
  • Plumbing

The right agent will choose from a pool of independent inspectors. Your Realtor can also go through the inspection report to see if there are issues they can ask the builder to address and negotiate a few extra perks in the process.

A Realtor will make sure the builder issues a warranty on the home

If, for some reason, you decide not to order a home inspection, your Realtor will make sure the builder issues a warranty on the home. The warranty, which can run from one to 10 years, protects you from issues that may arise after you’ve moved into the home.

A Realtor will be your negotiator

New construction homes cost more than a pre-owned house. In case you want upgrades, custom features, or replacements for appliances that come with the buy, your Realtor will negotiate with the builder or their counterpart agent for what’s feasible on your wishlist. Your Realtor will ensure you get a fair deal for any customization and floor plan alterations.

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