What Your Real Estate Agent Wants and Needs from You

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When you need to buy a house, the first order of business is usually to find yourself a good real estate agent. Look for a Realtor who’s honest and responsive, with good communication and negotiation skills and excellent knowledge of the purchase process.

If you’re looking to buy one of the houses for sale in Houston County GA, then cultivating a good working relationship with your real estate agent can motivate them to work harder at finding you your ideal home. As in any relationship, there should be mutual respect, a good deal of give-and-take and an understanding of each other’s boundaries. To find a perfect balance in your relationship with your real estate agent, here are a few points you ought to know:

Understand That Your Agent Works on Commission

It’s highly unlikely that your agent works on a salary. In fact, avoid someone who does. Those who get paid a commission are typically better motivated and tend to work harder on closing a deal.

  • One of the worse things you can do is to have an agent work hard on a deal, only cut him out entirely and negotiate with the buyer directly. That’s simply not done.

Value their time

  • It’s never okay to show up late to an appointment or, worse, not show up at all. It’s highly disrespectful to assume that your real estate agent has all the time in the world to cater solely to your needs or that they’re at your beck and call.
  • Be respectful of the fact that they could have other appointments. A good real estate agent will be highly sought after. This means that he’s sure to cater to clients or prospects apart from you.

Selecting an agent to work with
There are a number of ways to handle a real estate deal. You can do away with representation altogether and handle the transaction on your own, you can work with a listing agent, or you can hire your own agent.

  • If you determine that having your own agent is best, you’ll need to put several prospective agents through an interview and selection process. Be honest with your interviewees and let them know from the onset that you’re interviewing several prospects. Vetting your choices will help you pick out whom you’re the most at ease working with.
  • Propriety dictates that you interview only one agent from the same company at a time.

Should you work with a buying or a listing agent?
If yours were one among the homes for sale in Central Georgia, you’d be better off hiring a buyer’s agent. Listing agents don’t work for buyers, they represent sellers. This is why hiring a listing agent to represent you is discouraged – the arrangement may give rise to a conflict of interest that could put the agent’s integrity in question.

Observing Protocols

  • If you chance upon an open house, should you go even without your agent? It’s best if you don’t, as doing so isn’t often seen as the proper thing to do.
  • If you do go, come prepared with your agent’s business card so that they know that you are adequately represented.
  • Never ask questions about or related to the seller’s motivation. Doing so is your agent’s lookout – leave him to do his job properly.

What is a buyer’s broker’s agreement?
Be prepared to sign on with a buyer’s broker before you can expect to be shown any homes. Signing on the dotted line signifies that you understand what the agent’s duties are, and what they expect from you in return. This helps establish what your mutual goals are.

Be Clear About What You Expect

  • Many real estate agents provide services that include picking you up from and driving you back to your home. Otherwise, they may ask to meet you at the office or the site of the property to be viewed. Be clear about what you prefer.
  • What’re your preferred means of communication? Are phone calls and text messages okay? Or would you prefer to be updated via email? Make sure your agent knows how you expect to be contacted and how often you expect updates.
  • Be realistic about your goals and expectations. Don’t expect to be shown an endless series or selection of homes. State what you want clearly, so your agent knows the exact parameters they need to work with. To help you find your ideal home quickly, don’t hedge about things you don’t like. Being honest with your feedback can help your agent better gauge your wants and needs. Set realistic goals and a time frame to find your ideal home. If there’s something you don’t like, say so! Not being open only leads to delays.

Are You Ready to Buy?

Unless you’re legitimately looking into buying a home, you shouldn’t waste an agent’s time. You can satisfy your curiosity and check out the new houses for sale in Warner Robins GA, but be upfront about the fact that you’re just looking. Never lead an agent on—it’s in bad taste to do so.

If you are seriously considering a purchase, come with your checkbook in hand. It should be safe to assume that you will have the necessary pre-approval, and you must be ready to put down an earnest deposit to back up your offer.

Mutual respect can go a long way towards keeping the relationship you have with your agent on an even keel. Keep in mind that buying a home shouldn’t be rushed. It can take weeks for you to find the right home, several days to negotiate the purchase, and a month or two before closing.

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