Tips on Showcasing and Selling Your Home Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Woman Planning to Sell a home online

It’s safe to say that there aren’t many homeowners who want to go through the process of selling their home in the middle of a global pandemic. Some people need to relocate however, and despite current conditions, it’s not a bad time to put your home on the market. Despite the pandemic’s impact on our economy, there’s still a strong demand for homes, and supply is at historic lows.

While selling a home is already challenging, selling while social distancing measures are in place seems even more difficult. But it doesn’t have to be, as long as you take time to research and use a few simple strategies.

Here are a few helpful tips for selling your home safely in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic:

Make your home presentable

Clean, declutter, and reorganize to make sure everything looks tidy. Clear some space by removing items from your shelves, countertops, and other surfaces, save for a few decorative items.

Try increasing your visual floor space by getting rid of excess furniture such as side tables, shoe racks, and storage boxes. Make your home look livelier with some throw pillows, colorful flowers, bowls of fruit, and plants.

Your goal is to create a nice balance between a “lived-in” look and a style that appeals to most people.

Take advantage of digital tools

Making sure you have top quality videos and photos of your home is the smartest move you can make during this time. You and your family will be much safer if nobody else enters your home – not even your real estate agent or professional photographer. However, you will need to do a bit of DIY while working remotely with your agent to ensure you have listing materials that will attract the right buyers.

This is something that’s usually best left to the pros, but in case you’re uncomfortable with letting other people inside your home, you can consider taking your own listing photos with your smartphone (as long as it can take decent photos). Here are a few tips.

  • Avoid taking photos with glare and reflections in windows, mirrors, and shower doors.
  • Make use of items and furniture that will effectively showcase the scale of your spaces. If you have a patio or sundeck for example, display your outdoor furniture so photos will be able to show the size and scale of the space.
  • Make your interiors look as bright as possible by opening all curtains, blinds, and switching on all lights. Take your photos during the morning, or whenever there’s enough sunlight going into your living spaces.
  • Take multiple photos of every room from different angles. Retake more photos if necessary, and ask your agent to handpick the best images. Some agents also recommend sending the photos to a professional real estate photo editing company for additional enhancements.

Host a virtual tour

If you’re okay with having your real estate agent in your home but feel uncomfortable with allowing prospective buyers to enter, hosting a virtual open house is an ideal option.

Many real estate agents take advantage of apps like Zoom, FaceTime, Google Meet, and Instagram or Facebook Live to share live videos featuring a property, while answering questions asked by viewers in real time.

Recordings of the live videos can be uploaded online, so other potential buyers can view the saved version in case they missed the live virtual tour.

Hosting a safe home viewing

Of course, interested buyers will still want to see a home in person before they commit to making an offer. It’s still your property however, so you’re fully in control over in-person viewings.

As long as home showings are allowed in your state, here are some tips on how to make it as safe as possible:

  • Limit the number of visitors to only one person per viewing, and request them to take hygienic precautions such as sanitizing their hands and wearing masks, gloves, and booties before they enter.
  • Minimize contact from visitors by leaving doors open, lights on, and opening up cabinet and closet doors.
  • After showings, immediately clean and disinfect all frequently touched surfaces. Take a look at these guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the proper way of disinfecting and cleaning your household.

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