Robins Strong: How Warner Robins businesses are coming together during the COVID-19 outbreak

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The best communities come together in the toughest of times.

In the face of the unexpected and unprecedented spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the city of Warner Robins is proving that it indeed deserves to be called one of Georgia’s—if not the nation’s—best places to live.

The birth of “Robins Strong”

In the middle of March 2020, local businesses in the city were beginning to feel the dramatic effects of the stay-at-home and restricted business operation orders put in place to contain the spread of the highly contagious coronavirus.

Foot traffic in small establishments was grinding to a halt. Demand for non-essential goods and services was declining because social and recreational activities were being discouraged.

Alternative methods of doing business, such as curbside deliveries and pickups were becoming essential for small businesses to keep operating and stay relevant—if not profitable—during this unforeseen crisis.

Fortunately, the Robins Regional Chamber of Commerce is looking out for the community’s best interests.

The Chamber launched Robins Strong, a special website dedicated to function as a convenient and essential hub of COVID-19 crisis-related information for Central Georgia locals.

Designed to keep visitors constantly informed about the widespread individual, social, and economic impacts of the global health threat, the website features the latest and most credible news and health updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), North Central Health District, and the various local government units concerned.

Finding ways for businesses to sustain their cash flow

In addition to announcements and advisories, Robins Strong is also keeping local businesses visible and relevant to their usual patrons.

For Robins Regional Chamber of Commerce CEO April Bragg, there are ways for local businesses to weather the storm of the coronavirus outbreak without having to shut down completely. The Chamber is in the position to make these ways more accessible to the small, local enterprises that need them most.

“There are opportunities to still support our local businesses when people might be fearful of going into a business or an environment with other people,” said Bragg.

The website built a database of establishments that are operating on a limited capacity, offering products and items via delivery or curbside pickup while observing recommended physical distancing practices. Whether you are looking for a restaurant to get your next dinner from, or a furniture store to help you realize your renovation plans while staying at home, you will find it on Robins Strong.

Here are some of the special business directories you can find on Robins Strong:

A source of enrichment and positivity

The Robins Regional Chamber of Commerce is also going the extra mile by using the Robins Strong platform to share various forms of content that are specially created to promote joy and positivity during these times of fear and uncertainty.

Visit the Robins Strong website to find uplifting content such as:

  • Robins Reads: A collection of storybook-reading videos submitted by members of the local community. This initiative aims to assist parents who are vulnerable to stress resulting from juggling remote work and child care duties.
  • Robins Smiles: A page for sharing any little moment that “might bring a smile to your face” or “bring light into someone’s day.”
  • Robins Self-Care: A page that sums up various mental health, wellness, and self-care resources available to the Houston County community.
  • Robins Worships: An information-driven Facebook Group dedicated to people looking for avenues and opportunities for worship during the crisis.

Warner Robins’ future is in good hands

At the time of writing, Georgia is entering the next chapter of its encounter with COVID-19. Based on plans approved by state governor Brian Kemp, restrictions on non-essential business operations are gradually being lifted. More local employees are cautiously returning to work as the state attempts to ease its way back to normalcy.

Where the next few days will lead is a matter that only time will determine with certainty.

For people living in Warner Robins and its surrounding Central Georgia towns and cities, one thing is already guaranteed: They can be confident about having a strong, tightly knit community that is ready to support them no matter how difficult circumstances can get.

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