Questions to ask when buying new construction homes

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New construction homes offer buyers a custom home that they don’t have to supervise or build from the ground up. Builders have also equipped these homes with more energy efficient features, with the added advantage of requiring less maintenance for the first few years.

However, not all new construction homes are built or priced uniformly. Make sure to ask builders the right questions as you search for new homes in Warner Robins, GA. Here are some of them:

What homes have you built before? Where are they located?

Builders have varying backgrounds and standards. This puts the onus on you to evaluate a builder’s work. Ask the builder about the previous homes and developments they’ve constructed and request references from recent buyers.

If their previous developments are close by, drive to one or more of them to see firsthand the quality of the finished home the builder can provide. Don’t hesitate to contact the references or approach owners in developments. They can provide insight regarding the quality of the builder’s work and the manner with which they resolved issues during construction. You can also check the builder’s reviews and credentials online.

What’s included in the base cost?

The base cost of newly built homes usually refers to the price of the home or structure itself. The cost of the lot the house is built on may or may not be included in the base cost, so it’s best to have this question answered early on.

New construction homes allow you to customize certain features, finishes, and appliances. Tour the developer’s model home so you can actually see what’s on offer. While viewing the model home, ask the builder to differentiate standard features from upgrades. This will give a more accurate picture of your costs if you choose to include upgrades in your own home.

If the builder can’t provide the upgrades you want, check if you can bring them in yourself and have them install it. Some builders are flexible enough to accommodate this option, and others may even offer credits to buyers willing to pay out of pocket for select materials and appliances.

Apart from the construction of the house itself, it’s also useful to ask if the builder will take care of basic landscaping like laying the lawn and planting trees or shrubs. Failing to clarify this can result in an oversight worth several thousand.

What warranties are included? How is the coverage?

Having a good warranty for your new construction can prevent losses through no fault of your own. If your builder provides home warranties, ask them which issues are covered and for how long.

With a warranty, you can rest easier knowing that you’ll be protected from costly construction- and installation-related repairs, most of which likely developed or were already present before you moved in.

Can the home be inspected during construction and before signing?

The builder’s answer will let you know how often you can supervise the progress and quality of your home’s construction. Ideally, you want a builder who is open to several inspections throughout the home’s construction (here are reasons why).

The most important inspection, however, is the one you order before buying the home. Schedule the home inspection once the house is completed. On the day of the inspection, let the home inspector walk through the home and don’t shy away from directing questions (to either the inspector or the builder) regarding particular features you notice.

If the home inspector’s report confirms that there is an issue, the builder will be responsible for fixing the mistake and will have an easier time doing so, since they don’t have to work in an occupied home.

Are there design guidelines to comply to?

While new constructions are more customizable than pre-built homes, there may be a limit to what you can do. Most limits are imposed to avoid excessive construction delays, while others are set by a homeowners association or the builder themselves.

Find out what you can or cannot do right away, so you can adjust your expectations or reconsider if you don’t find the limitations acceptable.

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