Outdoor upgrades that will boost the value of your house

Outdoor patio kitchen luxury exterior

If you are planning for ways to improve the value of your home, look outside as well as inside the property. A strong first impression goes a long way, after all. Being able to impress visiting buyers even before they take one step inside the house can set the stage for a positive showing that moves your sale faster, not to mention result in a better offer.

Here are 12 ideas for exterior improvements that can invest in to increase the value of your home for sale:

  1. Apply fresh coat of paint or stain

    One of the quickest and most effective ways to revive the look of your house from the outside is repainting the exteriors. Use warm to neutral colors, like tan or taupe, instead of bright colors for paints, or go with a natural look on wood surfaces with a simple wood stain.

  2. Upgrade to a stone veneer

    A manufactured stone veneer, if your house doesn’t already have it, adds an instant touch of class and elegance to your curb appeal. It is a great option if you have spare money to work with for your pre-sale preparations. It can set you back up to $9,000, but you can recoup up to 95%, according to Remodeling Magazine.

  3. Revive your front door or install a brand new one

    Your front door will be one of the first things that buyers will see up close when they come to tour your house. Make sure to impress them with it. Replacing standard wooden doors with a sturdy steel one with window panels is both attractive and practical, promising good returns from your sale.

  4. Power wash your driveways and footpaths

    Give visiting buyers a clear and clean path toward your main door. Invest in a professional power wash before opening your doors to visitors to make your driveway and footpaths appear good as new. While you’re at it, look for significant cracks in the pavement and make the necessary repairs.

  5. Upgrade to energy-efficient windows

    New windows will add sparkle to the facade of your home. It can also be an attractive bonus feature, especially when you choose units designed for optimal temperature management inside the home. Savvy homebuyers will always appreciate energy efficiency as a key feature in the property that they are buying.

  6. Revive your roof

    From having your roof cleaned to getting the material updated or replaced, you can dramatically improve your home’s curb appeal when you pay proper attention to your roof. Updating to asphalt shingles promises more than a 68% returns, while metal roofing can bring back up to 61% of your investment, according to Remodeling Magazine.

  7. Invest in proper lawn care

    If you have time to plan ahead before putting up your house for sale, an investment in proper lawn care can pay dividends in boosting your property’s exterior beauty. These include applications of fertilizers and weed control solutions. You will not have to shell out big money for this, making it a smart investment.

  8. Level up your landscaping and gardening

    A fresh-looking front lawn will instantly boost the appeal of your home. While adding fresh plants and timely seasonal blooms can serve as a smart, immediate term upgrade, you can offer more value to the property’s next owner by investing in high-quality landscaping and proper watering systems to maintain the lawn’s beauty over the long term.

  9. Build a wooden deck

    A wooden deck adds a pleasant and attractive expansion for the home’s usable living spaces. Installing a wooden deck promises returns of up to 75% from an investment of approximately $13,000.

  10. Furnish your patio with an outdoor kitchen

    If your property already has an outdoor living and entertaining space, adding a full-fledged kitchen can make this already desirable feature even more irresistible. There is no need to go overboard with your choice of appliances and fixtures. Just choose a practical and durable set that includes a grill, ice chest, a proper sink, and stainless steel drawers.

  11. Add a fire pit

    Make your outdoor entertaining space useful, even when the sun goes down. A fire pit is an ideal addition that adds a unique, even romantic charm when spending time under the stars.

  12. Install outdoor lighting

    Another way to improve your home’s outdoor beauty at night is by installing stylish (and strategically placed) outdoor lighting. From an aesthetic standpoint, light fixtures integrated into the landscaping can significantly add to the property’s ambience, while from the practical perspective, well-lit outdoor spaces add an extra level of security for the home.

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