How to maximize your curb appeal in time for a summer sale

simple single family home

If you are spending most of your time at home due to COVID-19-related protective measures, use this opportunity to maximize your efforts toward one of the most important stages in the process of selling a house—sprucing up your curb appeal.

Remember: even while in-person meetings like open houses and home showings are being limited to prevent the further spread of the novel coronavirus disease, determined homebuyers are still actively searching. With internet listings already a popular starting point for home searches and the emergence of live virtual home showings via video conferencing, you always have an audience to market your property to.

Here are nine curb appeal-boosting ideas that will make your property catch attention and fetch outstanding offers from homebuyers:

  • Have a plan

    To achieve the best results on preparing your house to sell—or any project, for that matter—always start with a vision. Know what you want your home to look like. Plan on a common design theme (based on the current season, for example) so that the entire property has a consistent look both inside and outside.

    It also helps to put yourself in a homebuyer’s shoes. Think about what other people would find attractive in a house when looking at it from outside.

  • Tidy up

    Just by cleaning up your front and back yards, you can create a dramatic difference on the appearance of your home. Get rid of unsightly and unnecessary objects and outdated decor, just as if you were decluttering your living spaces inside the house.

    After that, take your cleaning a few more steps further by mowing the lawn and power washing the house’s exterior walls. Pay attention to your paved pathways, as well. Remove any weeds and patch up any cracks that you find.

  • Liven up your plants and trees

    The National Association of Realtors has reported that gardening and similar yard work have been on the rise since shelter-at-home orders were implemented because of the coronavirus outbreak.

    This makes a lot of sense. Not only does a lush and colorful garden instantly make your curb appeal pop, gardening is also a great way to stay productive and unwind during these tense times.

    When decorating your exteriors with plants, add hanging plants or decorative planters in spaces intended for socializing or entertaining like your front porch or backyard patio. These can be great additions to your entryway, too.

  • Give your roof plenty of love

    Your roof is the crowning glory of your house, so include it in your cleaning, repair, and updating plans. If you do not need to replace your tiles or shingles, give it a thorough cleaning instead and make sure that the gutters are not clogged and free from leaks when water flows through them.

    Roofs can be difficult to clean and maintain, so hire professionals if necessary. Your safety should always be your top priority.

  • Stage indoor areas that are visible through your windows

    If you are willing to share glimpses of your interiors through your windows, put in some effort to make these living spaces presentable as well. Think about how these areas look in the daytime and at night. You might need to add strategic light placement to make this work.

    Make your window shutters and trims the perfect frames for these indoor views by applying a fresh coat of paint or stain.

  • Add stylish outdoor lights

    Wow your target buyers by hosting a virtual house tour in the evening, where dramatic lighting can leave a strong and lasting impression. In addition to main lighting fixtures where these are commonly installed, hang fairy/string lights in open-air areas that are intended for entertaining.

    Homebuyers will love seeing how they can use your outdoor spaces to host social events, especially after the COVID-19 threat is over.

  • Take pictures of your project

    To fully appreciate your handiwork, take photographs. You do not have to hire a professional photographer right away. Use your mobile phone’s camera during the early stages of the project.

    Your goal for now is to assess your progress and see if more work is needed. Call the pros only when you are satisfied with how your property looks, and when you are ready to create the promotional materials for your listing.

  • Ask your neighbors for feedback

    Get a second opinion from your next-door neighbors or send some of the photos that you took to your friends. This step will help you see past your personal biases about how the property looks. Their objective observations can give you useful insights on how to improve your renovation efforts or whether to proceed with your posting your home listing.

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