How to Get a Builder to Give You a Great Deal on Your Home Purchase

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Acquiring a new build home is probably one of the biggest dreams people hope to fulfill as they come of age and start to get established in life. When the time comes that these people realize they have the means to make such a dream come true, they may find that there are many complex issues and concerns to address before they finally sign on the dotted line and move into their new homes in Warner Robins, GA.

It is likewise of value to get a proper perspective of where you fit in the grand scheme of the new construction home buying process to be sure you are not losing unnecessarily large amounts of money when you make your purchase. After all, one’s home is typically the biggest material asset most people own, which is why it is a process that should be carried out carefully.

Why Buy?

Renting a place to stay is surely more economical and far less complicated in the short term than purchasing real property. However, anyone who has lived in his own place for some years can attest to how living in a rented house just isn’t the same as building a house that you can call your own.

When you own your home, every repair bill, amortization payment, improvement cost, and other such expense is like money dropped in your own piggy bank and not in the account of a landlord.

It would be wonderful, of course, to live a rock star’s life and build one’s own home from the ground up, pursuing one’s architectural dreams and aesthetic inclinations. For most people, though, there is the next best thing, which is buying a newly constructed home, one that has never been lived in. When going about purchasing such a house, there are a few important things and strategies to be mindful of.

Get in the Builder’s Head

You must presume, of course, that the builder is out to make the best possible profit on the house sale. In other instances, the high price is not tagged on solely to make a fortune on the transaction, but to establish a high baseline price for the seller’s properties, hoping to inevitably sell the entire line of houses at increased prices. It is easier to negotiate on a mutually acceptable price with a seller when you understand where he’s coming from.

Go for Good Financing

When shopping around for the best financing deal to help you buy one of the attractive new construction homes Warner Robins, GA has to offer, what seems to be the default position is choosing the in-house company.  As the preferred lender of the house seller, they usually dangle incentives that make it seem more profitable to go with their financing.

Compare the possible deals fastidiously, though, because you might fail to notice if there are actually higher mortgage rates for deals that seem attractive due to better credit at the onset. If you are able to find an outside lender with better rates, try to find out if the house seller’s is amenable to extending their incentives to lenders other than their own.

Go for Upgrades

Apart from negotiating on the selling price for your new home, it is often possible to get satisfactory deals when negotiating for upgrades. These might not be items as lavish as additional wings, carports, or swimming pools, but modest add-ons like landscaping, appliances, improved electrical and plumbing fixtures, flooring, and even wall paneling, if applicable.

Make sure your contract explicitly mentions any upgrades being covered by the sale price to avoid having to deal with any future misunderstandings.

Check the Arrangements for Homeowner’s Association Dues

With the house already built, it is possible that the Homeowner’s Association dues have already been paid – making the new occupant a member in good standing. It is worth requesting that the seller pay the dues for an entire year before they turn over the house to you. This might not seem like a major issue, but it can save you a cozy sum.

Location, Location

If your house seller is offering a number of properties, look over them carefully and try to get hold of a house on a premium lot such as larger lots, lots with no abutting neighbors, corner lots, and those with special features such as better views or easier access.

These would, of course, come with higher price tags. You could use your preference of a premium lot as a bargaining point when negotiating for a better price on a lot you decide to buy.

Try to Get Discounts

While discounts are rarely given for new constructions, it never hurts to try. Your house seller may be open to giving you a discount just to make a quick sale. The seller might be trying to meet a sales quota, reduce weighty inventory, or even be in immediate need of funds to pay off obligations in other projects. Such discounts might not necessarily be in the form of a reduced sale price, but in the form of incentives such as added features in the property, thereby relieving you of some concerns over things to buy for a new house.

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