Houston County seeing encouraging growth in new construction homes

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If you are looking at new construction for your next home in Georgia, Houston County is a great place to search. The area has been enjoying a prolific, upward trend as far as home building goes.

Read on for more facts and figures about Middle Georgia’s exciting new housing boom.

Perry, GA: Record-breaking home construction numbers

Among the many outstanding communities in Middle Georgia, the city of Perry in Houston and Peach counties is one of the most notable success stories when it comes to residential real estate growth, according to a report from the Macon Telegraph.

In 2017, a total of 351 new single-family houses were built in the city, topping the previous record of 325 that was set in 2006. The strong momentum carried over to the following year, with 246 building permits already having been issued by the city government through August 2018.

Elsewhere in Houston County, the increase in the number of new homes has likewise been encouraging. Throughout the county’s unincorporated communities, a total of 1,479 single-family houses were built from 2012 through mid-2018, recording an average of 224 new homes per year.

For comparison, only 154 single-family homes were built per year between 2008 and 2010.

Other locations that have been exhibiting strong growth in the area include the city of Warner Robins, which had 317 housing construction permits in 2017, and the city of Centerville with 40 permits.

The good news: There is room for even more growth

While the numbers have been encouraging, there are convincing reasons to be optimistic about an even larger increase in new construction.

For one, the growth has been consistent and stable.

Houston County’s Planning and Zoning Administrator Tim Andrews observes that the recent trend in home construction demonstrates the qualities of “good, sound growth.”

“Starting around 2012, it appeared permits actually started to gain a little momentum,” Andrews said. “It feels like there is a stabilization where you don’t have a spike but good, consistent numbers from 2012 on up to [2018.].”

In addition, the current county-wide numbers still fall below averages recorded during the early 2000s. During that time, unincorporated Houston County communities were seeing annual construction totals reaching upwards of 400 new homes.

Why Houston County home construction has been booming

Chief Building Official Tracy Hester chimed in with thoughts on why Houston County has been enjoying noteworthy growth in real estate development over the previous few years. She cited buyer-friendly financing programs as a primary motivator behind the huge demand for new homes.

“I don’t know if there is a single answer,” Hester admitted. “If I had to pick, it’s maybe the fact that interest rates are very low and there’s a lot of 100-percent financing out there.”

“I think people are qualifying a little easier than in the past during harder times.”

Why choose new homes in Middle Georgia over new homes in Metro Atlanta?

Unless you absolutely need to work and own a home in Atlanta or any of its surrounding suburbs, a strong case can be made about choosing new homes in Warner Robins, Perry, and other Houston County locales:

  • The laid-back, small-town vibe will make you feel right at home

    If you want to experience Southern hospitality at its finest, this is the place to do it. Whether you are living with your family or as a single homeowner or empty nester, the peaceful and friendly environment of Houston County communities will give you the ideal domestic experience.

  • The cost of living is excellent

    The great thing about living a reasonable distance away from big city living is that your dollar can go a lot further. Home prices and general living costs here fall below the United States average.

  • Lucrative job opportunities abound

    You also do not need to live in Metro Atlanta to get the best jobs. With Robins Air Force Base, Houston Medical Center, and various universities around Houston County, employment options here are varied and promising.

  • Nearby Macon is the Heart of Georgia

    If you still want to enjoy the comforts and conveniences of the big city, Macon is much closer than Atlanta. Just 20 miles north of Warner Robins and located near the state’s geographic center, it has come to be known as “the Heart of Georgia.”

If you are interested in new construction homes in Warner Robins, GA and other excellent communities in Middle Georgia, keeping in touch with Warner Robins Home Search is the best way to learn about the best opportunities out there. Let’s start a conversation today!