Home Styles Millennial Homebuyers Love

a female millennial homebuyer

Millennial homebuyers continue to stump real estate sellers. Their decisions and choices have realtors in a tizzy over what they look for in a home, as it’s been hard to put a finger on the reasons why they don’t seem to be buying.

Who are the millennials?

Coming right after Generation X (1961-1979), Generation Y, also known as the millennials, are those born between 1980 and 1995. About 90 million people were born within this period, making them the biggest generation in history.

Made up of self-confident, highly tech-savvy individuals with advanced education and strong social connections, millennials baffle those rooted in conventions. They ignore traditionalism one moment, then embrace it fully the next.

As the millennials reach maturity, many have begun to better understand what it is that drives their home-buying decisions. Having a better grasp of what they’re looking for can help you if you’re in the process of selling a house and hoping to tap this huge demographic.

Most millennial homebuyers, it seems, have little appreciation of home styles and trends spanning the 70s to the late 90s. They would rather sink their earnings into homes that have a more classic appeal—Houston County GA property search advisors say that older homes that have withstood the test of time appear to be the most highly favored.

Hot Trends in Home Design for Millennials

  • Sleek and modern. Many millennials appear to gravitate toward mid-century modern homes that focus on functionality without sacrificing aesthetics. They lean toward clean lines and minimalism in design, freeing that lend itself to more free space within a small home or apartment. This also translates into a liking for sleek 50s Frank Lloyd Wright-style homes that feature flat or shallow-pitched roofs, cantilevered construction, and open floor plans.
  • Old World style. Millennials also hold a unique perspective on seemingly dated décor styles, which they have brought back in favor. Old world charm in a home appears to be particularly appealing, with the millennial market showing a liking for pre-WWII Victorians, Tudors, Colonials, and Greek Revivals with brick, stone, or stucco exteriors.
  • Mediterranean. Holding the middle ground are multi-level homes that have a Spanish character, with stucco exteriors and terracotta tile roofing. These homes are accentuated with the use of wrought iron and the generous use of archways as well as ceramic or Travertine interior floors.

A Gourmet Kitchen Design

Millennials enjoy cooking and experimenting with a wide variety of cuisines. It’s not unusual for this generation to consider professional six-burner ranges and convection ovens a necessity in the kitchen. Stainless steel dishwashers, commercial exhaust fans and range hoods, and Sub-Zero Refrigerators are also par for the course.

According to a  property appraiser, those who want a slice of the millennial pie in Houston County, GA or anywhere else, for that matter, ought to know that besides minimalistic design, homes that sell are those that boast functionality and efficiency. This means focusing on essential kitchen features that help curb waste, such as energy-saving appliances.

Poured cement or granite counters are considered on point, as are hammered-copper sinks. Having all the storage bells and whistles is also considered essential.

Features for the Tech-Savvy

This is a generation that was born into a world where smart technologies are a natural part of life. They’d likely be at a loss without their smart devices and technological innovations. It’s no wonder they expect to see this reflected in their homes. Having “smart” automation at their fingertips is their ideal. This includes a smart thermostat, 4KTV, smart hubs, and everything else imaginable that they can run on their smartphone applications to make their lives as a homeowner easier.

Bringing in the Outdoors and Organic Elements

Millennials seek to reconnect with nature in the best way they can. In their homes, they use carpets sparingly. Generation Y prefers their floors bare to better appreciate the Travertine, marble, bamboo, or reclaimed hardwood materials they so love.

Their appreciation for all things organic translates to natural stone walls and, throughout the home, a preference for tones that help bring the outdoors in – earthy browns, greens, and blues as well as brilliant red and orange hues reminiscent of the sun. Low-maintenance house plants help purify the air naturally while adding more life to space.

Millennials may appear to have arrived late to the home buying party, but they certainly make up a pretty substantial demographic: They now account for 32% of real estate buyers, according to a recent study by the National Association of Realtors® (NAR). With a report by Harvard predicting a 2.7 million increase in the number of millennials in the next 10 years, this demographic is set to claim an even bigger chunk of the home-buying pie.

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