Discover Warner Robins’ Museum of Aviation

Most-visited museum under the US Department of Defense

First opened to the public in 1984, the Museum of Aviation is the United States Air Force’s second largest aerospace museum, as well as the fourth most-visited museum under the US Department of Defense.

Located close to Robins Air Force Base, the entire museum grounds span over 50 acres, and features four exhibit building housing more than 80 historic aircraft, along with missiles, equipment, and other unique artifacts from US aviation history.

The Museum of Aviation honors the country’s legendary Air Force heritage and our veterans and their families, and is designed to inspire and educate visitors of all ages.

If you’re planning to visit one of the best attractions in Warner Robins, GA, here’s some more information on the Museum of Aviation:


The Museum of Aviation was founded in 1980, and was originally known as the Southeastern Museum of Aviation. It was started by World War I aviator Guy Orlando Stone, who asked Robins Air Force Base if they could create a display area for his extensive collection of aviation memorabilia.

Plans for creating a museum were approved by the Air Force, and the Southeastern Museum of Aviation was soon established in 1981 through the support of base officials and local civilians. The Air Force Logistics Command also created the Heritage Program during the same year, which was designed to preserve Air Force logistics history. The museum was included as part of Robins Air Force Base’s contribution to that very program.

The Museum of Aviation expanded in the 1990s when a former aircraft hangar was converted into the “Hanger One” exhibit space. The sprawling 60,000-square foot “Phase II” facility (now known as the Eagle Building) was added in 1992, giving the museum a new diorama, a theater, and more space for aircraft and other exhibits. Another 60,000 square feet was added to the museum grounds in 1996 with the addition of the “Century of Flight Hangar.”

Museum of Aviation Education Center

The Museum of Aviation is also home to the Museum of Aviation Education Center, a National STEM Academy offering multiple Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math programs, including special events, field trips, flight simulation training, virtual programs, Ask, Challenge, Educate (ACE) programs, and more.

One of the academy’s key facilities is the Georgia NASA Educational Resource Center, which offers free workshops, training, internship opportunities, NASA materials, and STEM forums for teachers and educators of all levels, including homeschooling parents.

Guided tours and field trips

History-based tours led by professional staff from the Museum of Aviation Education Center give visitors an opportunity to gain more in-depth knowledge about aviation history.

Guided tours offered at the Museum of Aviation allow visitors to experience World History through the aircraft and exhibits. The tours include a unique opportunity to go inside a C-130 “Hercules” aircraft, where you’ll be able to learn about paratrooper operations and other C-130-specific missions.

The guided tours include one or more buildings at the museum, and last for approximately 1.5 hours. 20 is the minimum group size required for the tour, and the maximum number of participants is 90.

You can schedule a guided tour by visiting the museum’s website here.

The Mission Quest Adult Team Building Program

The museum also offers the Mission Quest Team Building program for companies and businesses looking to strengthen their team through teamwork and communication exercises.

The program gives groups an opportunity to create a strategy and complete a mission in the flight simulation lab. The success of the mission will depend heavily on how teams work together and support each other.

Different historical combat scenarios are available for the program, which team members can complete through state-of-the-art C-17, B-1, and F-15 flight simulators. On-site staff members will be there to monitor the entire mission, but teams will be fully in charge of creating their own strategy towards their goals. No flight experience is necessary for the program.

The Mission Quest Team Building program lasts for about six hours, and must be scheduled in advance. You can book a slot by heading to this page.

These are just some of the many programs, tours, and exhibits waiting for you at the Warner Robins’ Museum of Aviation! If you’re searching for fun places to visit and things to do in Warner Robins, GA, a trip to the Museum of Aviation is definitely one of things you should add to your list.

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