A checklist of must-haves for your new home

A happy family moving to their new home

You’ve finally closed on your new house and the keys are in your hands. All that’s left is to do is move in!

To make sure your move-in day goes as smoothly as possible, we’ve prepared a helpful checklist for you:

  • Transfer your utilities

    The last thing you want is to move into a new home without any water, electricity, or heat running. So before you close escrow, call your utility companies and have them transfer your service to the new address. It’s important to do this a few weeks before your move-in date because it might take time to set up the services. Likewise, follow up with utility providers about a week before moving in to ensure that they’ve completed the installation.

  • Pack an essentials box

    Chances are, you won’t be able to finish unpacking everything on day one. That’s why you should pack a box that contains everything your family will need to settle into the house during that first day. These include items such as a change of clothes, fresh beddings and pillows, dining ware, cooking utensils, non-perishable food, personal care, cleaning supplies, and flashlights. It’s a neat little hack that lets your family feel comfortable even if most of your belongings are still stowed away in boxes.

  • Get new locks

    Now that the keys to your new home are in your hands, it’s worth asking: “Is this the only set?” The seller might have given a copy to their Realtor to make it easier to do showings and open houses while they’re out. They may have also given a set to contractors who did repairs before the property was put on the market. If these keys were ever to fall into the wrong hands, your home will be extremely vulnerable to burglars. Luckily, changing the locks isn’t especially expensive or time-consuming, so do it as soon as possible.

  • Install security features

    Many first-time homeowners lived in apartments or condos before purchasing their own home. In their old homes, the security systems, fire alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors were all provided by the landlord. When you become a homeowner, however, you’ll have to provide all of these yourself. You can choose to DIY the installation or hire a professional to do it for you, but accomplish the task sooner rather than later.

  • Have a first aid kit

    Did you know that most accidents happen at home? And the disarray of moving into a new home can increase the likelihood of accidents happening. Be prepared by purchasing or assembling a home first aid kit. Must-haves include bandages, antiseptics, bandage tapes, painkillers, antihistamines, and antipyretics, among others. If you already have an existing first aid kit, now’s the time to check if any of the contents have expired – and to replace them ASAP.

  • Prepare cleaning supplies

    No one wants to move into a dirty home, but there’s no guarantee that the previous owner cleaned the property before handing it over to you. For now, assume that you’ll have to take on that task yourself. Basic supplies should include brooms, mops, vacuum cleaner, buckets, scrub brushes, sponges, rags, cleaning products, and rubber gloves. When cleaning a new home, move from top to bottom. That means cleaning the upper floors first before the lower ones and cleaning the ceiling and walls before the floors.

  • Get some draperies

    You absolutely want to meet and befriend your neighbors, but you don’t want to give them an all-access view of your life through your windows. Unfortunately, most newly bought homes come without draperies and what you do have probably isn’t enough to cover all your windows. Once you’ve settled in, buy drapes or other window treatments to ensure your family’s privacy. That said, take into consideration the location of a window and the overall aesthetic of your home when choosing window treatments.

  • Buy new furniture

    Moving into a new place often means moving into a bigger space. But with so many things to buy for a new house, you have to prioritize which furniture to acquire first. As much as you’d love to buy an outdoor lounge for your new porch, it’s probably better to purchase furniture for oft-used rooms like the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms first. On that note, take the time to measure your new home’s doors – you don’t want to buy furniture that you can’t fit into your home.

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