11 questions that will help you find the right agent for your homebuying needs

dealing with real estate agent
Working with the right real estate agent is a crucial step toward achieving – and even exceeding – your homebuying goals.

Here are 10 essential questions – plus a bonus 11th question – that will help you zero in on the best agent to match your needs and preferences:

  1. How long have you been in this business?
  2. Experience goes a long way in the dynamic business of real estate transactions. It always helps to team up with someone who has clocked in the hours because these agents are better informed and skilled to respond to your specific needs and requests. No two homebuying experiences are the same, so agents continuously learn new solutions and strategies with every client and deal that they handle.

  3. How many deals do you close each year?
  4. Together with an agent’s years of experience, their average number of closings per year should describe their track record in easily measurable terms. The total of successful deals an agent closes in a year can provide you with a clearer idea of how effective an agent is at their job.

  5. What’s your average listing price to final sale price ratio?
  6. In addition to learning how many deals an agent is able to complete, you must also find out how well they are able to complete these deals. An excellent buyer’s agent should be skilled in negotiating toward a final price that falls lower than the seller’s list price.

  7. What are your areas of specialization?
  8. Real estate properties come in various forms. Depending on the market, a buyer’s options can range from single-family homes, condominium units or townhouses, and luxury properties, just to name a few. New construction homes also typically require a specific approach.

    Likewise, buyers’ interests vary. Satisfying your particular buying preferences boils down to finding the right match as far as an agent’s field of specialization goes.

  9. What strategies will you use to help me find my dream home?
  10. Even before you confirm the hire, request a preview of an agent’s work styles by asking for an overview of their homebuying strategy. Ask about preliminary searching strategies. Inquire about their contingency measures in case you wind up competing for a popular listing. How can they help you create the best offer you can pitch to a seller?

  11. How are we going to communicate throughout the homebuying process?
  12. Constant and consistent communication is essential throughout the homebuying process. Make sure that you and your agent see eye-to-eye about your preferred means of communication (whether by calls, text messages, or emails). Be clear about your expectations regarding promptness of responses and frequency of updates, as well.

  13. Can you show me copies of documents that I need to submit?
  14. Paperwork is inevitable in your homebuying journey. Your prospective agent must be able to show you early on the forms you will be asked to fill out and submit.

    Inquire if you have cancellation rights in your working contract with the agent, too. It’s important to know that your agent is willing to release you as a client without penalty if you are unsatisfied with the terms or results of their service.

  15. Can you give me a list of references?
  16. An agent will likely have testimonials and reviews publicly available on their website or online profile. In addition to these, request letters of reference from previous employers, as well as informal thank you notes from previous clients. Ask if you can contact these references for any additional questions.

  17. Who are you affiliated with? Do you have a local network of professional partners?
  18. Your agent should be your one-stop resource for all your homebuying needs. This means they must have an extensive network of local professionals who can provide the necessary services that you might need at any point of the process. Ask about their partner lending companies, home inspectors, and escrow officers, so you can do your homework on them, as well.

  19. How much do you charge for your services?
  20. It always helps to have a clear idea of how much you need to spend on agent fees right from the start, so you can plan your finances better. Be sure to include this topic in your preliminary interview.

  21. Do you have any questions for me?

Before you wrap up your interview, open the floor for the agent to ask you their own set of questions. How they respond to this will give you a glimpse of how inquisitive, receptive, and invested an agent is toward your specific needs and requests. You will always have greater peace of mind working with an agent who is genuinely concerned about your best interests.

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