10 tips for selling a home in autumn or winter

Keys with a house with a gift box and snow.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that spring and summer are the peak seasons for selling a home. However, the process of selling a house, whatever the season, always has its pros and cons.

  • Attract more serious buyers
  • Encounter less competition because there are fewer homes for sale
  • Leverage the tight supply by securing a higher price point
  • Show how the house holds up during extreme cold

If you’re keen on listing your home now, we’ve laid out 10 tips for selling your home in autumn or winter.

  1. Enhance your curb appeal

    You don’t want leaves and snow messing with the overall appearance of your home. Here are some low-cost maintenance things you can do:

    In autumn:

    • Use a leaf blower daily to keep leaves at bay
    • Clean and unclog gutters
    • Add autumn flowers in your front walkway
    • Clean dirt off walkways
    • Add fresh mulch to your garden

    In winter:

    • Clear your walkways
    • Paint your front door and add seasonal ornaments
    • Buy pots of winter-flowering plants

    If you’re opting for a virtual tour, curb appeal enhancements work just as well.

  2. Show what it looks like during spring or summer

    If you’ve taken photos of your home throughout the year, choose the most flattering and save them in an album. You can allow your agent access to the photos so they can decide whether they’re worth showing potential clients.

  3. Keep the driveway clean

    Shovel the snow off your driveway, walkway, and front steps to spruce them up – but also to avoid accidents. Pour salt on ice to prevent anyone from slipping.

  4. Check your HVAC system

    Check your HVAC system before cranking up the heater. You can also change your furnace filter. If you spot any problems with your furnace, fix them before you list your home. A home inspection will reveal HVAC issues.

  5. Add a splash of color

    Colors help create warmth during the colder months. Use colors like red and orange for blankets, rugs, and throw pillows to make your home even more appealing.

  6. Let there be light

    Fall and winter mean days are shorter. If your home has plenty of large windows, draw the curtains open so sunlight flows inside your home.
    Otherwise, you can:

    • Turn on table or floor lamps to add light – use bulbs with higher wattage
    • Add mirrors to reflect available light back to the room
    • Consider repainting the living room and/or kitchen in bright neutrals
  7. Clean your windows

    Rain and wind accumulated during summer will make your windows appear dusty and dirty by autumn. Buyers will notice this instantly. You’ll need to thoroughly clean your windows for needed sparkle.

  8. Get festive with the decorations

    Adding inexpensive or DIY decorations will make a difference to your buyers. In autumn, place an unlit pumpkin spice candle on a table or counter. In winter, drape a bright blanket on your couch.

  9. Get extra cozy

    Give your home that inviting atmosphere that buyers are sure to love:

    • Switch on your gas or electric fireplaces for virtual showings
    • While a few decorations are OK, don’t go overboard. You want your buyers to envision your home as something they can live in year-round. No need for over-the-top Halloween decor or other seasonal ornamentation.
    • Rearrange your furniture in a way that buyers see themselves entertaining family and friends in their house.
  10. Hire a real estate agent

    Contrary to popular belief, you can still successfully sell your home during autumn and winter. It might take more time than usual, but this is where a real estate agent’s role is vital.

    Hire an agent who knows how to sell property during off-season. Ask them how they intend to sell yours.

    Your real estate agent will also help you price your home right, so you’re not tempted to take low-ballers.

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